JOHN HUMPRHY’S:  British Broadcaster, Journalist, Author

Every now and again a small idea comes along which has the potential to make a big difference.  The Pelican Post is one of those.  I’ll certainly be supporting it and I hope many others do too.”



RT HON JEREMY HUNT MP: Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport, Member of Parliament

“I have visited schools in Africa where Pelican Post books have made a very real difference.  Books matter to all of us but they matter most of all to children who can’t take them for granted which is why I think this is a marvellous scheme.”

BEVERLEY NAIDOO, Children’s Author / Supporting Pelican Post Author 


“What a great idea…this gives the individual the opportunity to feel that they can make a difference.  And the great thing about books is they go on journeys…for whoever is going to read that book.” 



ALEXANDER MCALL SMITH, Author / Supporting Pelican Post Author

”I think this scheme is wonderful, and I am very keen to support this.  Throughout much of Africa, a book is precious and therefore getting hands on a book is very important to people.  What is also very appealing about the Pelican Post is that I think it is rather nice for children to be able to read stories that they can identify with.” 

MARIELLA FROSTRUP:  TV & Radio Presenter, Journalist
“It’s very easy in this country, where books are both readily available and affordable to forget what a luxury they are in other parts of the globe.  The Pelican Post is a brilliant initiative and offers a near effortless way for each of us to make a tangible contribution to bettering a child’s life.”
LENNY HENRY CBE, Comedian, Actor & ‘Comic Relief’ Figure Head

This idea is quite simply brilliant!  The Pelican Post is not just about posting a single book but about leaving a legacy that will inspire countless generations of children to learn to read.  Please support this scheme and post a book today.”


JULIA DONALDSON, Children’s Author

“Satisfyingly simple, I hope the Pelican Post continues to inspire children far and wide.”













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