Pelican Post forms alliance with the Goge Africa Foundation, Nigeria…


Pelican Post has formed a partnership with the Goge Foundation to bring storybooks to schools, and pupils in Lagos, and Nigeria. This is an exciting development for both organisations because Goge Foundation has exclusive access to hundreds of schools within Lagos and its surrounding states.

To mark the occasion, Tunji Akinsehinwa – Director and Trustee of the Pelican Post, delivered 40 books donated through the scheme to Kudub Primary School in Lagos state. There was also an interactive Session, where the children laughed and asked questions as they read their new books out loud with glee.

 This event marks the beginning of an initiative between GAF and Pelican Post to develop and encourage a healthy reading habit amongst Nigerian children. Through this partnership with Goge we also aim to generate feedback from Nigerian schools on how their students assimilate books, their literary interest level and novel concerns about reading. There were photo sessions with the brand Ambassadors of Goge Africa – Nneka and Isaac Moses; and copies of these life-long images will be sent to their children for their own Journals.

Goge’s work culminates in an annual career, guidance and counselling seminar with over 5000 school children in attendance. Pelican Post has been invited to attend and participate next year in June 2012. In addition, Goge Foundation has excellent links throughout the African continent and this will allow Pelican Post to have greater contact and ease of access to schools across the entire continent.

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