Generous Public make a BIG difference at Camp Bestival…


This summer, the Pelican Post team were invited to feature at one of the UK’s leading music festivals – Camp Bestival – famous for its focus on family fun and laid back atmosphere.  This year’s festival was no exception with music from the likes of Blondie, Groove Armada, The Wonderstuff, Mark Ronson and Primal Scream (personal favourite) as well as a mind-boggling smorgasbord of other family fun packed events and activities including jousting, Shrek the Musical, insect circus, arts and crafts, English National Ballet, freestyle BMX and skateboarding …and well the list just went on  and on.   

As if that wasnt enough, Sunday saw a spectacle of  lights, cartoons and fireworks all in time to music projected on to the front of Lulworth Castle and bringing the end to an incredible festival (and not much sleep! )  A huge thank you to the organisers for allowing us to be part of a quite magical four days.

 And what a great four days for Pelican Post too!  We had no idea what to expect but were really gob-smacked with the the huge amount of public interest and support that we received…and most signficantly we sold alot of books and all for direct donation to  partnering schools. 

Indeed this one event  enabled us to deliver several thousands pounds worth of brand new children’s books and ALL were successfully delivered direct to partnering schools within a matter of weeks.

Many of the books delivered arrived in September / October so that Teachers could start using them straight away in classrooms when schools reopened in September.  Supporters from Camp Bestival should be hearing in the next couple of weeks about where their individually donated book has arrived but we are thrilled to report that Pelicans took flight to all corners of Africa and successfully delivered books to schools in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. 

Many of the schools received mutiple copies of a particular children’s title and some schools even received full sets (20 copies).  We plan to post more pictures on the web soon, but here is just a small selection of some of the pupils enjoying their bright, glossy new books in schools in Nigeria and Ghana.

As the pictures show, the books  are a big hit with all and very gratefuly received.  They will undoubtedly have an immediate impact on reading classes, and we look forward to reporting on their progress.

If you have been inspired and would like to regularly donate to the scheme, you can now donate directly to the charity at  Just type in The Pelican Post in the box under ‘Find a Charity’ which should take you to our donate page.  We plan to integrate this further with the Pelican Post website very soon…

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