Charity Book Aid issues guides to assist teachers and librarians in using books


One of the key aims of the Pelican Post project is for each participating school to receive 20 copies of the same story so that the teachers can practice shared classroom reading and the children can read the words and enjoy the pictures together.  For many, this may in actual fact mean sharing one book between 3 children in a typical classroom.   

Being able to enjoy the shared experience of reading a story together in this way represents a significant departure from more traditional methods of learning to read in the classroom,  and brings an exciting new dimension to a child’s learning experience and to that of the classroom as a whole.  

In addition to the books themselves, the teaching methods employed to stimulate a childs curiosity and attention are an integral part of promoting an environment where reading is seen as a pleasurable activity by a child and not just as a necessary education requirement to better themselves.

For this reason, the pelican post project aims to support school communities where it knows that there is dedicated teaching resource and regular support at the local level to assist the school teachers with the necessary tools and training so that they can properly harness and maximise the potential that these books can bring to inspiring a child’s appetite to learn.

We also believe that opportunities exist for all organisations working to support and improve standards of literacy to share information and practices on teaching reading initiatives.   (As teacher, psychologist and researcher Louisa Moats once said, “teaching reading is rocket science”)! 

Many of the partnering charities we support have a variety of  initiatives and schemes in operation.  In addition to these practices we have also supplied copies of two short but very well written guides prepared by the UK Charity Book Aid International ( specifically for teachers and librarians working in schools.

These guides collectively entitled ‘Bringing Books to Life’  deal with two specific aspects of the use of books in schools. 

The first guide ‘Starting and managing a book collection’ deals with storing books, setting up systems to lend books, and also deals with how books should be treated to help them last. 


The second guide ‘Using books in the classroom’ introduces five different approaches for using written material with students: reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading, group and independent reading.

Both guides are free for anyone to use and can be downloaded in pdf format direct from the charity website at or for hard copies by contacting them direct.   

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