Postcard from Kenya, courtesy of Hot Courses Foundation…


Today I write of a school in Kenya that recently received a number of books bought by Pelican Post followers.  








“Lawson High School” is supported by UK based Hotcourses Foundation, and the books received will make an invaluable contribution to reading classes there.

Officially opened on the 2nd August 2010 by Hotcourses Founder and UK MP Jeremy Hunt, Lawson High School is located in the heart of the Kenyan bush in Nyumbani, Kitui district a three hour drive from the capital Nairobi.

Nyumbani village itself is an uplifting success story that has sought to restore the very fabric of Kenyan society torn apart by the AIDS pandemic, by providing shelter, social support, and education to the most neglected and vulnerable children. 

According to Director Mary Owens, before the village was built, “many of the children were destitute, roaming the villages begging or scavenging for food after their parents died, others were trying to look for siblings with no resources or parental guidance.”  

The Nyumbani Village, the Lawson High School and the Hotcourses Primary school, are now providing these children with a strong educational foundation, that will enable them to build a future that is filled with productivity and hope!  We at Pelican Post are excited to have been able to provide the school with a brand new collection of children’s story books bought by supporters who attended recent events held in the UK and hope to follow the school’s progress and pupils stories over the coming year as the children complete their very first year at Lawson High School.

Thanks too to Hotcourses Founder Jeremy Hunt MP for his time, enthusiasm and help in supporting and promoting the scheme.  As Jeremy comments “it just goes to show what a difference you can make if you really put your mind to it”.

MP and Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport – Jeremy Hunt with two members of the Pelican Post team – Nick Johnson and Julia Begnough.  

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