Pelican Post teams up with Kaloko Trust Zambia…


The Pelican Post team are excited to welcome the Kaloko Trust and two new school profiles to the scheme;  Kwesha and Kandulwe Community Schools in the Luansobe Region (copper mining area) of Zambia. 

Established in 1995, The Kaloko Trust is dedicated to improving the lives of communities in rural Zambia where there is almost no government or other support for such communities.  In these areas, even a small amount of assistance can make an enormous difference to people’s lives.  Pelican Post supporters will hopefully provide much needed reading materials to two schools that are part of a major infrastructure programme implemented by Kaloko to extend basic health services, education and clean water by creating a network of satellite service centres in the remote villages around Luansobe.

The first phase of this programme includes the building of five community schools and health outposts together with ten boreholes and hand-pumps.  Kandulwe, Kwesha and Serenje are the first three villages to have benefited from the programme with these communities playing a strong part in providing free land, labour and building materials.  Almost 1000 children no longer need to walk several kilometres each day to attend a more distant school, whie 600 rural families will receive medical attention and have access to safe water near their homes.


                                                                                                              Childrend at Kwandule Community School smile for classroom photo


 As detailed in the school profiles and with many schools throughout rural Africa the hunger and enthusiasm for children to learn to read is high and the standards of reading ability achieved impressive given the limited number of resources and especially reading materials in the schools.  Kandulwe School currently has only a few books and no children’s story books.  It is exactly schools like this which will benefit enormously from the generosity of Pelican Post supporters to post a book, and we look forward to reporting further on the progress of the schools and the impact that the books received are having on school lessons and childrens aspirations.    If you would like to learn more about the many projects that Kaloko Trust supporting, please visit their website for more information at

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