Lenny Henry endorses Pelican Post..


Lenny Henry, one of Britain’s best loved and most versatile performers recently took time out to offer a few words of support to the Pelican Post campaign. 

Lenny who is also an important creative force behind the charity Comic Relief, which raises money to fund education, immunization and community projects throughout the world but particularly in Africa, is a strong advocate for change and passionate too about improving children’s access to an education.

Indeed its amazing to think that Comic Relief’s ‘Red Nose’ Day which Lenny helped establish from a refugee camp in Sudan back in 1985 is the UK’s biggest single charitable event.  Comic Relief has since gone on to raise over £450million for important causes.  In 2010, its sister event ‘Sport Relief’ also managed to raise a staggering £40million! 

Whilst the Pelican Post is not about financial donations per se but about books, its inspiring to look to success stories such as Comic Relief and at what can be achieved in playing the numbers game when you aim high.  

Education and Literacy have long been identified as the key factors in making poverty history.   Through the power of the internet, schemes like this could potentially inspire a million+ people to post a book and really impact on the future of many children’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Returning from a recent trip to South Africa, this is what Lenny had to say in support of the scheme…

…”This idea is quite simply brilliant!  The Pelican Post is not just about posting a single book but about leaving a legacy that will inspire countless generations of children to learn to read.  Please support this scheme and post a book today.”

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