Reading initiative in Uganda is a hit…


I recently received an inspiring story from our partners in Uganda; Ka Tutandike (www. katutandike. org) regarding three of the schools in Kampala which Pelican Post is currently supporting. 

Working with the teachers, Ka Tutandike recently introduced a new reading competition across the schools called the 20:20 challenge.  Children receive an adhesive star against their name once they have borrowed, read and summarised a book.  

 It seems to have been a hit as feedback from Project Manager Esther Wamweta shares below…

“I have just come back from Ttula  Primary School and the children are very excited to be getting a star at the end of reading and summarizing a book.

I was shocked in a happy way to find a child who has already read 20 books and has 20 stars! We called Joel over and asked him to narrate these stories, and he indeed knew the authors and all the stories!

One of the teachers told me that the whole school has gone wild with children reading.

Joel for instance was yesterday found alone by the church reading. The book shelf has lots of space because most of the books are out and everyone is struggling to find more books to read.  The activity is open to the whole school which I think is very exciting because children from all classes are competing to be the winners.

 As for Kasubi Primary School, one of the teachers there – Olive was telling me the children are bargaining with her and pleading so they can get the books outside library time! Out of all the activities we have had with the children I think this one is the winner!”

The scheme is a great idea not least because of the confidence that is built across the school through all the children taking part. 

It also enables the teachers to monitor literacy levels by tracking  the way the children progress through reading from one level to the next.

What Esther doesn’t mention is that until  recently – two of the schools didn’t even have any book shelves, and books are still in incredibly short supply to fuel this new found passion by the children for reading.   Thanks to a little help from supporters of Pelican Post however, (as the pictures show) those book shelves are beginning to fill up!  

For more information about the “Reading for Pleasure” programmes that Ka Tutandike are introducing in schools in Kampala, or more about some of the other projects they are currently implementing, please visit  

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