John Humphry’s gives endorsement to the Pelican Post initiative…


The Pelican Post is delighted to receive the support from Journalist, Broadcaster and TV Presenter – John Humphry’s.

As well as currently presenting the BBC’s Mastermind, John is also the Founder of the “Kitchen Table Charities Trust”; a charity specifically dedicated to supporting small charitable organisations who simply do not have the resources given their size to operate large fundraising campaigns.

Following John’s experiences of working in third world countries, mostly in Africa, and observing the dedication, commitment and most significantly the impact that many of these small local charities achieve, John established the Kitchen Table Charities Trust with the primary aim of providing a channel of funding that serves to directly support these small charities.

As he quotes on the charity’s website; “We are not interested in charity as a big business.  We believe that charity is about individuals helping other individuals with the minimum of bureaucracy and needless expense.  That is why we exist.”

Indeed, the Pelican Post was established on similar principles – i.e. to enable individuals to make a direct and personal contribution to a child’s education by posting a book, and we are thrilled to receive such an endorsement from one of the UK’s most known and acknowledged TV Broadcasters.

For more information about The Kitchen Table Charities Trust and to learn more about some the amazing projects and organisations they have supported, please visit

2 Responses to “John Humphry’s gives endorsement to the Pelican Post initiative…”

  1. Just to let you know that you can also follow the Kitchen Table Charities Trust on Twitter @KitchenTableCT
    and join the facebook group too!/pages/Kitchen-Table-Charities-Trust-KTCT/362587660922?ref=nf

    • Hi Ellie – you pinged my blog some months back about Kitchen Table Charities and have been following your adventures in Madagascar – I am wondering whether there maybe any opportunities to share info / contacts and indeed if you know of any schools in Africa that may benefit being part of the Pelican Post scheme and receive books? I think you already know but you can follow Pelican Post on Twitter too @pelicanpost and although facebook group:!/group.php?gid=91486357643 will set up a new page soon.
      PS good luck with the fundraiser on Sunday …

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