Our online community continues to grow…


Since the launch of Pelican Post back in July of this year, the scheme continues to generate interest and enthusiastic support from all corners of the globe, and we very much hope it will continue to develop, into a truly global online community of supporters inspired like all of us at Pelican Post to make a difference.

Some of the inspired stories include a Law firm in Sydney Australia who have been selling ‘smart’ chocolate to raise funds to post two collection sets of story books to Mvumi School in Tanzania.   Another couple who got married in Europe recently, had a collection at their wedding and raised over 200 euro’s to spend on books for St Augustines School in Malawi.  And right here in London, a number of inspired supporters are creating ‘book swap’ events to raise money for various participating schools.


What is particularly exciting about the scheme is that it is being endorsed by a growing list of charities and organisations who are interested in following our progress as an innovative model enabling individuals to make a direct contribution and thus become personally involved in the experience and outcome of giving for charitable causes.

It is now our intention to obtain charitable status (the website has currently been self-funded) and extend the scheme to cover schools in Eritrea, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria, as well as establish similar schemes in the United States and with french speaking African countries in France.  For the twelve schools participating in the scheme, there is a long, long list of many other schools keen to become registered and receive books.

Our commitment to those schools does not stop at making sure they receive your books either.  Working with Book Aid, local NGO’s and other grass roots charities we want to ensure that each book received at the school really is used to help stimulate a culture of reading in that school and inspire children’s imaginations  to grow.    Each participating school therefore also receives several ‘teachers guides’ created by Book Aid and providing guidance as how to set up a school library and how to practice shared classroom reading to ensure the books get their fullest use.   In addition many of the schools are further supported by additional teacher training and literacy awareness workshops such as reading tents by the various partner charities we are working with.

If successful at obtaining official funding for this scheme, the possibilities for this scheme really could be endless.  Education and literacy have long been identified as the key factors in “making poverty history”.  Through the power of the internet, schemes like this could potentially inspire a million+ people to post a book and really impact on the future of many African children’s hopes and aspirations.   If you would like to post a book, make a financial contribution, or have any comments / ideas about funding, we would love to hear from you.  Please email the Pelican Post team at comments@pelican-post.org or me personally at nick@pelican-post.org

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